Saturday, January 9, 2010

8 Things

So, my oldest daughter is going to New York tomorrow for her first time ever. She’s going by Amtrak with a group from her college to do some service projects and will be there for five days. I’m soooooooo excited for her! She’s going to be very busy, and these are-

8 Things I hope she experiences while there

1. She got a new coat for the trip, a really cute sort of swingie coat, and I hope she feels sharp wherever she goes in it. Of course, we were so worried about her being good and warm while there, and the weather there this week is shaping up to be considerably warmer than here at home!

2. She’s seeing Wicked and I hope she falls in love with stage productions, and that it will become a lifelong habit to see good plays whenever she has the chance.

3. She will be delivering meals to persons with HIV/AIDS and other critical illnesses. I hope that one person that she delivers a meal to looks her in the eye in such a way that she never forgets them.

4. She will be preparing meals in a soup kitchen. May she overcome her total disdain for all things culinary and pour some love into whatever she does there.

5. She has a free day- I hope she sees as many things as she can on that day.

6. I hope she discovers that there are kind and friendly people anywhere you may travel.

7. I hope she gets to know her classmates better and is even happier to be their friend than before they left.

8. I hope the days feel long to her and fast to her mom, as I look forward to her safe return.


Queen of Fun said...

My favorite city!
Tell her to get to midtown (Times Square and walk to Rockafeller Center. Stop in at "Times Square Church" (Behond the TKTS booth) It is David Wilkerson's church (Cross and the Switchblade) Lots to see on that trail. Look into the windows of NBC on the way.
Go to St. Patrick's church (On 5th Avenue just past R. Center). And walk to FAO Swartz.
Eat a pizza slice from Ray's or Johns (They are everywhere)

ArtCricket2 said...

I'm so excited for her! The trip sounds wonderful and I hope each minute provides a lifelong memory. I can picture her now in the big city with her swing coat. She'll have so much to share when she returns. Wish her well for me.

donna said...

It seems S. was born to be of service to those in need. She's a girl with a very kind and tender heart. I know for sure that any children she meets will fall in love with her.

My mind's eye can see her looking all stylish and happy to be wearing the swing coat. What color?


Sue said...

The coat is black and white plaid. She looks very cute in it with a grey scarf and hat set she got for Christmas.
She does indeed love to do for others, and has a special heart for kids. She's like a kid magnet at church- they are all over her.
I'm grateful that all 3 kids know that it's important to serve others.