Friday, January 1, 2010

Kitchen Christmas

I was lucky enough to receive several things I had really been wanting for my kitchen for Christmas this year.

First off, a cast iron bacon press. I see flat bacon and Cuban sandwiches in my future!


And an apple peeler! Next fall I will be able to get apples by the bushel at the Farmer’s Market to make into apple sauce.


My friend Terri sent me two of the most wonderful dishrags that she had knitted.


And a grill pan. The Pioneer Woman has one, so I had to have one too.


And as a follow up, I did make the cinnamon/bacon rolls that I linked to yesterday, and I really liked them. The rest of the house was about evenly split on whether they were great or not.



donna said...

For many, many years, I had a cast iron bacon press. Sold it at our yard sale a few years ago.

The apple peeler photo didn't come through on my computer. We eat lots and lots of apples, but make applesauce only once a season with Phillip.

Luv those dishrags. One of my resolutions (there are so many) is to get busy and make some of PW's receipes in 2010.

Cinnamon/bacon rolls.....still thinking about that one. Two of my favorite foods though.

Queen of Fun said...

My post was inspired by your comment!
It really is so simple isn't it? I wonder if we make it complicated because deep inside we don't want to do it?
Our Aunt Francie is going through a hard time.
Linda Faye and Paulette are Lavern and Shirley again and having a ball decorating.
Love you in 2010.
Check back with me in 2011.

ArtCricket2 said...

Oh, I think I would like the cinnamon/bacon rolls. I tried the doughnut with bacon at Nord's and while it looks disgusting, it tastes really good.

Amy said that bacon is the number one reason vegetarians return to meat. There is just no bacon substitute. It smells like home and tastes so good.

I have never made applesauce, though I love eating it. My mother made and froze it a few times. I certainly don't have the hands for peeling enough for that.I'm going to have to look into the grill pan.