Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

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I bookmarked Sarah’s Chocolate Velvet Sauce recipe a while back and made a batch last week. I jarred up half to give as gifts and the other half I saved for our family to enjoy with ice cream that night. We loved it at dinner- it’s an amazing hot fudge sauce- then got up and headed out to see some Christmas lights. Imagine our surprise when we got home and found that our dog Willow had helped herself to the rest of the sauce. Believe it or not, she didn’t get sick, but I did- what a waste of good sauce! And why did she have to track it back to my bedspread and spread out?! Anyway, a really great recipe for it can be found here on a really great blog-

I’m thinking of giving these a try sometime over the next few days while the kids are at home……I’ll let you know!

What might you put in a moment jar if you could bottle it up and save it?

I may have put the fire bowl up too soon for winter. I’ve got a thing or two I’d like to visually get rid of.

I love the name of her blog, and especially love her description of her recent time at home with family as, “fishing in a stocked pond”. It just struck a chord with me as I am feeling the same way today! Lovely blog- she is a good writer.

Note to self- I want to learn this song, and I want to focus on it next Advent!

I’d like to make an Advent journal with this idea and tuck it away with the decorations so that I find it as a surprise next Christmas.

This is mighty happy! I may try to copy it to add some color back to my living room once the Christmas decorations go back to the attic.

This is a sweet birth story . Welcome to the world Evelyn!


epiphanygirl said...

So glad that you enjoy my blog - thanks for the link love! Happy new year!

donna said...

So, Willow is up to her old tricks:)

Everything in this post is of interest to me, so I'll have to come back later.

I did check out the memory jars. Phillip is coming today and will spend the night. I think we'll start a memory jar of our own. Another nice way to chronicle our time together. Reminds me of the memory jar I did for my parents.

Happy New Year.