Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little link love….

Staircase with Candles by decorology.

There is rarely a day that I don’t find something over at Kind Over Matter that doesn’t just turn around my day. Take this one for example…..

This one makes my heart sing- a tiny house WITH a tub, and not just a tub but a claw foot tub!

I’ve linked to stories about Stephanie Nielson in the past, but this is the best written account of her story. It’s hard to read, but also such a reminder to me of the resilience of a family if they stick together. Stephanie is a hero to me.

Love these banners and admire the amount of time it must have taken to make them!

Too late for this year, but I hope I remember these at Christmas time next year.

This is what my son got for Christmas (he’d been wanting some for months) - can you see why I was hesitant to select for him and opted to just give him the money to choose his own? Read about them though- cool concept.

For each of the kids, I had a pendant made of hammered copper as a reminder of what I most hope for them as they mature- from Micah 6:8- they look like this and simply say Do Justice Love Mercy Walk Humbly.


ArtCricket2 said...

Loved this post, too. I am already planing words going up my stairs.
I got the chalk board cloth at Ben Franklin in Middletown. Three Chalkboard markers that require wet cloth to erase and a box of colored chalk. Jim already had white.
They also carry a nice selection of oil cloth. A great gift for anyone would be a yard of CB cloth sewn to a yard (or any size really) of oil cloth, bound with seam binding. The oil cloth is about 5 or 6.99 and the CB cloth 9.99/yd. The woman I talked to there
had made placemats with CB in middle and oilcloth on back and around edge of front about 2 inches. Suggested the backing with oil cloth for a reversible
cloth for a toddler that could go under high chair and be used for fun. I just love it. I bought two yards and have enough for a few coasters and a couple of placemats, too. Thanks for the idea.

Sue said...

Did you bind yours at all? Now I want some badly. Did you see the banners where the oil cloth is on one side, cb cloth on the other, but into pendants and strung? Then you can chalk in any name or occasion. If only I sewed! I have a little sewing machine and my New Years goal has more than once been to get someone to show me how to use it and I never have.

ArtCricket2 said...

I did not bind it, but may after the holidays. You are supposed to roll it to store, not fold. I asked for and got an empty roll that fabric goes on from Ben Franklin. I can sew a straight line and thread a machine. That is the extent of my skills but we could have a get together with our machines! I'll post my New Year's scribbling later. I changed it today.
Yes, did you post the banners in a link love?

donna said...

The copper pendants are wonderful and I'm sure they mean a lot to your kids.

Wondering which Toms C chose. Did you see the Tiny Toms?