Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday Link Love


This is my Advent calendar I made last year, and I’ve loved rediscovering it this year. I’ve seen some other cute ideas this year- like this one and this one.

So, I’m all about Christmas and Christmas decorations and such these days. I actually have mine up! But it’s not too late for me to make one of these if I have a spare evening…. I really love the piece that inspired it, but I don’t sew.

I think I”d be the only person in this house who would LOVE this, but I would indeed LOVE it.

If you aren’t a big blog reader, you may have not seen this. It has shown up on several of the ones I read and I think I see some of these in my future…..

Isn’t this a comfy room?

Just in case you, like me, have love dreamy paper lanterns, here is a great source….

I’d be happy with a love tree. The first year I lived out on my own I made all of my ornaments- bread dough rainbows- and a few have survived through all these years and will find their way to my tree next week.

Okay, I am a perfectly happy person who knows how very wealthy I am, having all I need and very few real wants (as opposed to grandiose desires for beach houses and stuff) but one of the reasons I get away with that is I don’t look around too much. But you know I love Amy Powers and this week she blogged her Christmas list and I found myself consumed with desire for some of the things she listed- like THIS- oh how I want every single roll and color!

And then there is this precious tiny house…….I. Love. This. Tiny. House. So much in fact that I spent a huge amount of time a few minutes perusing the internet to find a more affordable option which is how I found THIS which is an even tinier house that I love even more and learned a little of the history of these charms, and then I found one on ebay!! With another several hours few mintues of research, I may even discover a cheap imitation.!

Best to you!

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Lindalou said...

Love your advent calendar. So clever.