Saturday, December 19, 2009

8 Things


This morning I sat right there in that comfy chair with two comfy friends on the couch and had the loveliest of meetings at Mrs. Potter’s Coffee. A down side to having a meeting with me in a public place is that I am too nosey a keen observer of all of the goings on around me. And so today, I share with you-

8 Things I Observed While In A Meeting About a Grant on the Friday Before Christmas

1. Several men were outside that window the entire time we were there painstakingly wrapping every tiny bit of a fairly small tree in front of the coffee shop in white lights. Now, those who know me already know that at this point in the holiday season, I think everything is sweet, and I found it sweet that they were being so meticulous in their work and that they were doing so about 4 weeks after most of the world put lights out. Good for them!

2. Oh, and talk about sweet. I saw a young man schlepping a big fruit tray down Main Street. He was headed, no doubt, to the office holiday luncheon and was bearing that thing up like the gift of the magi and I wanted to call his mother and tell her she had done well with that boy.

3. A group of grown men walked by who had obviously just been on a tour of the Hillerich and Bradsby bat factory in the next block and each of them had one of those miniature souvenir bats you get at the end of the tour. Again, very sweet how cute they were with those little bats.

4. A well dressed man brought a young woman in and sat down to my left where I could see them well and hear them well enough to know that he was offering her a new and special project at work. He launched into a very long pitch for it in spite of the fact that her immediate response at the get go was, “sounds great!”.

5. The efficient girls behind the counter taught us that the darker roasted coffees have less caffeine. That might be helpful to know for future reference. I mean, if I should ever learn to even like coffee.

6. Two people came in and sat behind me- I never saw them- but they were talking about sales and it sounded like one long string of cliché's! Make a note- in my study today I have found that people hanging Christmas lights on a cold windy day seem to have a lot more fun than people in sales.

7. Root beer made with cane sugar is too sweet for me, the queen of sweet.

8. My friend has put together a really great grant proposal.

Meeting Adjourned.


donna said...

Sue, this a a great post and I wish I'd been sitting on that couch with you. I'm always observing/listening to the people around me when out in public and if I don't know exactly what their story is, I make one up in my mind.

Maybe it didn't sound like the people in sales were having fun but if you're truly good at sales, you'll never be unemployed and that's a good thing.

So glad I didn't miss this post.

Dan Trabue said...

Having sat there with you, Sue, I like your take on the time.

When are you going to write a book of all your compelling thoughts and observations?