Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edit, Add, Appreciate


Edit- Call me a sentimental old sap…..because, well, I am. I loved having three towels hanging on the kids’ towel rack all weekend so much that this morning I couldn’t even bear to take the other two down for the laundry. All day long I felt “homesick”, wishing I were at home and that so were all of my kids for just one more day of bantering. Truth is, after one more day the magic would probably have worn off and we could have easily all been at each other’s throats. Anyway, I miss them.

Add- For the last several years I have found myself so far behind on the decorating schedule that I have just surrendered and hung the advent stockings between two jack o’lanterns. This year I have a goal to have at least the fall stuff cleared away and maybe even some Christmas stuff out by the end of the week. Ask me on Sunday how successful I’ve been! The kids made me promise not to decorate the tree until they are home. Are you kidding? I’ve been letting them decorate that tree for years and I stay completely out of it! Why would I start back now? It will be waiting for them when they get home.

Brandon McReynolds

Appreciate- Last week was my nephew’s birthday. Nineteen years ago on the day before Thanksgiving, that sweet baby turned my world upside down. Everything from that point is marked in my heart as before Brandon or after Brandon. I fell in love with that boy in a way I had never loved another person, and my heart was (and is still) completely wrapped around his tiny finger. There is just nothing greater in life than being an aunt. (Well, rumor is that being a grandmother is pretty wonderful!) The down side is that I can name, and flinch when I do it, almost everything that has ever made him sad because it has made me sad too. Recently he has had a major heartbreak, and I’d give everything I have to make him happy again, but I know he will find his own way, and he is already doing a good job at that. I am loving watching the man he is growing into. He loves to help others more than anyone I’ve ever seen. He has big dreams of working in politics someday, and I am excited beyond words that he wants to work to make the world a better place. Never mind that we are not aligned on much politically! I am just so proud of him. It makes me over the moon happy that he is such good friends with my kids. On the day that he was born, the world became so so rich, and I am one wealthy woman to get to be his aunt.


Queen of Fun said...

If his heartbreak was a girlfriend -- run don't walk to see "500 days of summer"
Saw it on the plane over here and it brought back all of that angst of first love in a bittersweet way.

ArtCricket2 said...

I hope your nephew reads this wonderful post about your love for him. I imagine the feeling is mutual.

I miss when my kids bantered, I have a picture of them in full "laugh out loud" at something I did one Christmas ( I'm sure they remember what- I don't). I keep it on my desk, it never fails to make me smile, even just thinking about it.

donna said...

The towel photo is great and how cool that they just happened to be so colorful. I've been known to take pictures at P & N's house of piles of shoes sitting at the door. It means there are lots of kids inside the house and that's a good thing.

Oh, sweet Brandon. I know how much you love him and how much you appreciate who he is.