Monday, December 14, 2009

8 Things


8 Things I hope we do over winter break…..

1. Hope the kids get to hang out with Nan some- and Mother Dear too.

2. All of us go to a movie together and maybe have some home movie nights. Suggestions? Three of us have seen The Blindside, but are willing to see it again as a group……

3. Play games at night like the gold old days at least twice during the break. No matter how many games we have we always gravitate back to Phase Ten and we never ever play all the way through to the end.

4. I hope the kids will humor me and let us read The Help together over the break. The older two complain often about never getting to read any fiction any more, and since all the girls ever read are books with vampires, this might a nice opportunity for them.

5. I hope my kids have some fun times with their cousins and with old friends.

6. I hope to feed them well with all of their favorites. And I hope to be relaxed and totally off duty as a micromanager.

7. Hope we can do a tacky light tour outing at some point. I’m sort of interested in doing that cavern light tour. Anyone been? Worth 20 bucks?

8. I hope we are all still speaking by the end of the break!

I have my own personal list too!

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