Saturday, May 2, 2009

8 Things that brought me joy today

1. These sweet flowers. For some reason, I think they are called Wood Phlox, but I'm hoping my friend Donna can positively identify it. I don't deserve them, but they show up each year.

2. The many many times I caught Kendra looking at her hand today. Considering the other two don't ever wear their rings, it makes me happy to see her get some enjoyment out of it before she gives it up too.

3. I took Cheryl to the doctor today and on the way home the subject of prom came up. She told me all about her prom. She said she wore a "can can" under her dress, which I guess must be some kind of a big slip or hoop or something, because she said every time she sat down the dress would rise up and she would have to bat it down. We both got a kick out of that image. Hey, I was a square dancer as a child. I understand about those slips.

4. I got a hibiscus today! Last year we planted one that had been sent to me when my father died and it did so so well in the spot where we had it that I just have to try it again in the same spot.

5. My next door neighbor cut all of our front yards this morning. It was looking mighty unruly, and today looks so green and gives the illusion that we actually have grass, when in fact it's all pretty much just one big weed patch.

6. My mother told me a great story this afternoon. She has been watching the coverage of the Kentucky Oaks all day on tv in anticipation of the big race. There was an interview late this afternoon of a young man whose family throws a big celebrity party each year, and Mother called my Aunt Elaine to ask her if she thought that the boy was wearing lipstick. They chatted a bit and Mother went back to the tv.......only to discover that after all the wait and buildup, she and Aunt Elaine had talked through the whole race and they had missed it!

7. A ride through the Highlands found all kinds of folks already out early this evening. I passed a bar where they had set up a cornhole set and there were two teams competing. They even had team sh irts. And they were daggone serious about their cornhole playing. For some reason, the whole scene was sweet to me- the team shirts, the game boards set up just inches from Bardstown Road, the seriousness of their game.

8. Someone brought a Derby Pie into Kendra's work today, and she had never had it. She liked it so much that she asked the man if she could please take home a slice for her parents. I guess they were touched by that and sent home over half a pie. You have not becuase your daughter asks not.

BTW- The girls over at Shutter Sisters recommended this photo editing program called Aurora. I'm day 7 of my 7 day trial and I have loved having it. The picture at the top was after some enhancement and this is the original. It's by far the easiest photo editing program I've used.


donna said...

You know how I love 8 Things. I thought wood phlox had a flatter flower head. These look like Virginia Bluebells from the Forget-me-not Family. I'm guessing that the silver-green foliage goes with the flowers. Can't believe your baby has a class ring. Cute story about Cheryl and prom. Haley is at prom right now and I hope she's safe. Wish our neighbors were as nice as yours. I bet that boy was wearing lipstick. Sweet Kendra...looking out for her family by bringing home some Derby Pie. Yum. See...8 Things makes me blabber on and on.

Marissa's Flower Patch said...

What a pretty plant! I'm thinking donna is right about the Virginia Bluebells, except I though the foliage looked a little different. hmm...whatever it is, its awefully pretty!