Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

Check out Fallon's fun blog and her sweet pillows and other fun things at her Etsy shop.
Always fun ideas at The Idea Room
These Good Jars are a Good idea, huh?
Some fun with shadows here and here
So, what mother in her right mind would give a SLUMBER PARTY with all this sugar? Probably the most fun mom on the block.
I was a big note passer in junior high. We learned to take a ball point pen apart, wrap a note around the cartridge, reassemble the pen, and then say, "Please Mrs. Thomas. Sandy needs to borrow an ink pen." So you know I love this very fun secret message!
And finally, a little shout out to young women with big hearts and strong voices- Kara (especially her post on 5/9/09) and my amazing and dearly loved niece Sara.

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donna said...

I've put Sara in my favorites. Young people like her give me hope about the future. I just want to put my hands on her shoulders, look her in the eye and say, "Keep up the good work."