Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

I am endebted to my friend Kevin for bringing AwkwardFamilyPhotos to my attention. It ranks right up there with Cake Wrecks for me!
To contrast that, here is something truly beautiful.
I don't know how I didn't find the Secret Society of List Addicts before, but it has become near and dear to my heart.
This is a great concept. If only there were more than one offering for Louisville. But, there IS one offering for Louisville.
And also on the list theme, here's an awesome site.
I'd love to think I would ever actually do this. She makes it look so easy, and it is so so sweet!
Some nice photography suggestions.
And speaking of photography, a couple of weeks ago the folks at Shutter Sisters were raving about Aurora, and Aurora was offering a 7 day free trial. I fell in love with using it. Give it a 7 day try!
Love love love this wall!!
And finally, hop on over to a site that is new to me, but will be one of my new favs. They have a great pen giveaway about to happen, so get on over and comment.


donna said...

The tiny teeny journals are something I see ArtCricket2 making....they remind me of her great inchies. Did you know that I have to get up extra early on Thursday mornings because of Wednesday Link Love? Always so interesting and I don't want to miss looking at even one of the links.

ArtCricket2 said...

I knew you'd love the pen! I still like my teeny journal made with shrink plastic. It was about the same size or a little smaller but I didn't sew the binding but used a wire coil. Off to check out the awkward fam photos.