Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

Just discovered Farmer Julie tonight and I am in love with her sweet little flower pots. If one is good, 7 are better, right? Here's her etsy shop.
I think I want one of these little zen gardens on my desk! And is this gorgeous or what?!! Mr. McGregors Daughter has a lovely garden, and a really good looking rain barrel. I have been eyeing rain barrels lately.
Now, I love tie dye as much as the next person my age, but this is really taking it to a whole new level, don't you think?
Maybe if I had some of these perky stickers, I'd be more tempted to do a little snail mailing. I think I could make some cute ones here, if only I could figure out how you get text into them once you save them. I'd be happy for a bit of a tutorial on that please.
Some fun ideas with paper plates for kids here. (When I was growing up my cousin worked in a paper plate factory. She was able to bring us stacks and stacks of misprints. I always loved to go through the stacks when we would get a new batch just to look at all of the people whose faces were just a tad off the side of their heads or their names were misspelled. )
And speaking of fun for kids......I know my friends who are grandmothers will be all over this little treat.
It's been at least a few weeks since I've brought any Cake Wrecks to the Wednesday list, so here's a little dose of the fun over there.
And why doesn't someone in Louisville come up with something cool and fun like this? Why not me?!
That's all folks!


donna said...

Somehow, my comment disappeared before I posted it. You know Phillip and I will be making those spaghetti dogs this weekend. He'll love doing it. It was fun to read about your history with paper plates. Makes me a little sad that P is past the age of being excited about paper plate crafts. Tie-dyeing the couch??? I guess there are more hippies left than I thought. I, too, read Mr. McGregor's Daughter once in a while. Love, love those little flower pots and the flowers in them.

ArtCricket2 said...

Ok, the cakes crack me up every time, poor Ringo! Guess who will love the spaghetti dogs tomorrow? I expect to see your altoid tin Zen garden immediately, okay after Prom night.
AND we could SOOOO organize this craft event. I need to think about this. Fall seems reasonable, we just have to round up some crafty folks who will prepare a craft. I figure we could do it at my church maybe