Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shameka F's Admiration Society

Shameka has been diligently working on her Senior 100, a sort of scrapbook of important things to know and remember as she leaves high school that Brown requires of their seniors. As a part of that, she asked me to write about three things about her that I admire. They are as follows:

1. Shameka has an old soul. Part of that comes from a heavy load of responsibility as a child, but part of comes just from who she is down deep inside. Since she was 9 I've known that she could run this house if she had to. She has a way better understanding of people and how they work than most teenagers. She has endured adolescence, but mostly just wants to be an adult. She very capably manages friendships with small children and senior adults and everyone in between. She has a deep wisdom that serves her well.
2. Shameka is frugal. Quite possibly she has crossed the line between thrifty and tight. She is the best money manager in the house and for that reason I try to stay on her good side. This is the child who will take care of Shawn and I as we grow old.
3. Shameka is completely comfortable in her skin. Maybe it's because we don't watch tv, but she has not bought a media description of what beauty is. She is so NOT worried about how she dresses or wears her hair or if she will blend in. Out of my memories of a teen life where I did not fit in particulary, I at times have tried to push her to "conform". Am I CRAZY??? I have this gorgeous daughter who likes who she is and how she looks and how she lives in this world. Who am I to question her out of fear for her of being shunned and belittled as I was was a teen? I am just so glad and so honored that she chose me to be her friend!


donna said...

I don't think you give yourself enough credit for having a "perfectly wonderful in every way" daughter like Shameka. I wish all good things for her.

ArtCricket2 said...

Congratulations for the wonderful role you have played in the beautiful young woman's life to mold and shape her gently around the edges. I think she has inherited many goods things from you, especially your since of grace.
May her life continued to be so blessed.