Saturday, May 30, 2009

8 Things

8 Things I could use less of
1. Meetings! Some are necessary, some are highly productive, and some are fun.....but those are few and far between.
2. Stuff- We have 3 kids, 2 adults, and 2 dogs living in a space designed for 2 and some stuff needs to go. We're choking on it all.
3. Worries about my kids and their future.
4. White- as in white kitchen floor, white kitchen cabinets. Only a woman who had never been a homeowner or a parent would have picked out white flooring for a room in a shotgun house that not only has to be walked on to get to any other room, but that is totally visible to all when you walk in the front door.
5. Less emails and more snail mail
6. Art and scrapbooking stuff and more time to actually use it
7. Dog hair- the bane of my existance
8. Late late night internet surfing and blog updating!

1 comment:

donna said...

The white floor.....just don't look down. P & N have white carpeting in the great room and their bedroom. I agree 100% about snail mail...I miss it a lot.