Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome to our world!


Look who came knocking on our door on Friday morning!   A family in the neighborhood had bought him off Craigslist (isn’t that illegal?) and then realized he was more work than they had planned on and that he wasn’t an outside dog.  They knew the right house to come to!  They even already had all of his bags packed and brought them with them.  He trotted right in, and he has not left my side since.  I mean NOT LEFT MY SIDE, helping me now to understand what my friends on the AOL Pug Board mean when they refer to velcro pugs. 

I’m always taken off guard when someone makes a comment about pugs being ugly.  What?! Long before I had one, I thought they were adorable.  And now that I’ve been owned by one (and now two)?  I think they are just flat out handsome.  But it’s not their looks that have so endeared the breed to me.  It is their adorable personalities.  They  live to please and love and entertain.   They totally give themselves up to sleep- with snoring and rolling into a ball and smacking their lips at the deliciousness of it all.  They know how to find a good spot for a nap, generally in someone’s lap, or on the high back of the couch or  on the floor wherever a strong ray of sunlight  is shining in.  They like to pop off, barking long and hard at a passing pit bull…….once it is at least a half a block past him.  We are mighty lucky to have such an exuberant guard dog!

We don’t know a thing about where life has taken little Otis so far, but we are sure glad to welcome him into our family.


Queen of Fun said...

The only taste of unconditional love in this mean old world is the love of a dog. God knew we needed an audio visual aide.
Welcome to our world Otis!
PS O. -- you won the lottery.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Otis did indeed win the lottery! And it seems your family did, too! Isn't it great that way?
My dad had a dog he loved called Otis.
Congrats to all!

donna said...

You've heard the expression "lucky dog"....I think it applies here. Lucky family, too.