Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Great idea for a wedding, or any kind of special outdoor event!  Check out this guy’s beautiful wedding photos, especially if you are here in Louisville. 

Nice little Thanksgiving printable here.

Love this room, and especially that book wall!

Fun shower theme, but could just as easily be a fun party theme.

I have this very light fixture, and look what I could do to make it look better!

I bet some folks on your Christmas list would really love some of these.

Adorable little embroidery pattern here.

Who wakes up thinking that you could probably make some way cool art with thousands of crayons standing on end?


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Another fun Wednesday. i love my Ugandan bead necklaces, I have several. I've given them often as gifts! The embroidery pattern is a keeper. and I love the Russian doll party.

donna said...'s a bridal shower! I clicked on it thinking it was going to be a bath kind of shower. lol

We had that same light fixture (only a little bigger) for seventeen years. Replaced it last spring. The link came too late for me.

I printed out the Thanksgiving printable using copy paper. I guess it was meant for vinyl, but mine still looks nice and I'll use it for Thanksgiving. Thank you.


Derek Poore said...

Thanks for the link!