Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Countdown

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

One week from today is the big day!  Not sure what you most look forward to on the dinner table that day, but I have some definite favorites. 

My mother’s dumplings and her stewed tomatoes have been my lifelong favorites.  At the big gathering we attend earlier in the day, the absolute must- have’s are yellow squash casserole, real mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (the old fashioned marshmallows on the top kind) and persimmon pie!  Heavy emphasis on the persimmon pie! What is it on your table each year that it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without?

I guess we could make light work of eating if we just whipped it all up into a cake.   Here is the recipe!

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donna said...

Dumplings and stewed tomatoes have never been part of our Thanksgiving, but I wouldn't mind dumplings any day of the week, including all holidays.

Interesting that you mention persimmon pie. P & I bought one last weekend, cut it and ate some. Our first taste of persimmon ever. Can't say that we liked it, made our tongues feel funny, but it was beautiful looking.

No marshamallows on our sweet potatoes...just mashed with butter and brown sugar.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving at our house without gravy...lots of gravy. We only have it on this day and Easter.

Now I'll go check out that cake. It's pretty scary looking.

Fun post.

Hugs, donna