Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Oh, I am so in love with this one!!  I love it enough to overlook the fact that it doesn’t have the normally requisite tub. One tiny flaw is the lack of an oven, but I bet one could be figured in there somehow.  I love it love it love it.  Look here at the rest of it!

Should you find yourself with hours on hand to just peruse the internet, this would be a fun place to hang out for a while!

Not sure which is more beautiful- Alison or her sweet sweater.

Oh my my!  Shelby always has the best Halloween costumes!

This is almost like overload.  So many fun things to make before Christmas, so little time!

Oh, I love these sweet walnut candles!

Katie is such an extraordinary young woman.  This post is hard to read, but framed in hope.

Do yourself a favor….scroll all the way down on this post to see the gnomes.  It will make your day.

Get ready for those cold winter nights.  How could this NOT be good?


donna said...

Yes, it was hard to read about little Jane. Let me know if you hear more about this family.

I printed out the Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe and will have Phillip try it this weekend. If he wishes, he can add the cinnamon stick to the pot. A couple weeks ago we were at Harmony Cafe and he order a cinnamon cappuccino (decaf).

Oh...the walnut candles....I luv them and the comment about them being the right size for a bunny table. At first I thought the link said walnut candies.

I was unable to open the tinyhouse website, tried a couple of times.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Katie's story-wow, so many Christmas ideas-so little time, sweet little gnomes-precious,I have a few boring sweaters that could use Alison's touch, loving those tiny candles.
A great start to my Saturday!