Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Night Blues

From the Urban Dictionary

Sunday Night Blues
A thought that only crosses your mind on Sunday nights. A feeling of dismay, anger, helplessness, butterflies,and overall depression to the thought of attending work/and or school the next day-

There is no true cure for the Sunday Night Blues.

sunday night blues
That, "Oh crap, I have to get back to work tomorrow" feeling you get on Sunday nights.

I was having a good time in Vegas last weekend but then I got hit by the sunday night blues.

I got an extra hour of sleep this weekend, had quality time with women friends, had a whole unplanned Saturday, enjoyed meaningful worship today, spent sweet time with my mother, got in a delicious Sunday nap, cooked good substantial food with things I had on hand, started a good book…………seems a shame to have to break this golden time up with a return to the office tomorrow!

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donna said...

I sometimes experience Sunday Night Blues on other nights of the week. What does that mean? That I need meds? lol

Sounds like your weekend was great.