Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

So, I’ve discovered that there are folks who like office supplies… enough to blog about them. Like this blog, or then there’s this blog, or this one.

One of my girls really loves Mike and Ike’s. I should make her some of these!

Photo booths were a very fun and important part of my teen years, so of course I love this. Here’s my first stab at it..


I HAVE to learn to thread my sewing machine. I could so easily whip one of these up, and I love the look.

Oooohh. I’m lovin’ these crowns!

I’m doing this. I have some paint sample books squirreled away.

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

donna said...

Mike and Ike's (the sour ones) are also a favorite of Phillip's. He'd luv for me to make these cupcakes, but I doubt I could pipe the buttercream frosting into giant puffs.

The photo booth photos are great. You still have that teen attitude.