Friday, September 3, 2010

IKEA Bound!



is the bedroom my “little girls” have shared for years, minus the dragonflies around the windows which had already been removed before the picture.  I have dreamed of giving the girls a better, more grown up space, and of giving my son a better bedding option.  So, S gave me a great head start by breaking all of the furniture down after we dropped off K, the painter showed up last week, and the room has evolved to this


and after a run to IKEA tomorrow will hopefully evolve into a room that will be a little more grown up than pink and purple dragonflies.   I’m so excited!  I mean, when I say I have dreamed about giving them a better room, I mean I have literally dreamed about it!  I can die tomorrow night, happy to at least have all the makings under roof.  The girls don’t visit often, but at least when they do they will have a room befitting college girls. 


donna said...

Sounds like such a fun thing to be doing for your girls and they will be delighted when they see it. Enjoy the trip to Cincy.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

College girls-oh my! Have fun-can't wait to see what you find.