Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Quo Vadis

So, I got my 2011 planner today.  And I’m hopeful.  For years I have relied on an old shell of a Franklin Planner with the monthly calendars, and for my daily lists, I’ve utilized this system:

Yep.  File cards and a binder clip.  I’ve used this for a good 20 years.  I’ve tried other things along the way.  Even had a Palm Pilot for a while.  But I’m a paper person and the cards worked.  This year I wanted something smaller than the big Franklin binder that kept getting full of stuff I really didn’t have to carry around.  Thus began my search for the perfect planner.  The one I got today is not perfect.  But it’s seeming like it will work.  We’ll see. 

BUT, if you like me are very taken with different planners, I have a great little site for you.  It’s where I found mine. I went for the Quo Vadis Daily Pocket.  Who knew there were so many options?!!

Don’t you want to be a guest at Julie’s house?

I want to sit down and make a life list now!  What would you put on yours?

Okay, I don’t have any decorating ideas for these folks, but they are living my favorite recurring dream!  For years I have dreamed of finding a room in my house that I didn’t know I had. I haven’t had that sweet dream for a while, but this just reminded me of the joy of it.

Fun idea for pumpkins

More food on a stick here and here.


Queen of Fun said...

Me too! Me too!
I have that dream too. Sometimes it is full of beauitful furniture hidden under white sheets like in Dr. Zavago.

Sue said...

In mine, the rooms are filled with junk for me to go through. Old, cool junk by the box!

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I'll have a pie on a stick, please.