Saturday, September 11, 2010

six word saturday

Where were you when you heard?

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Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I first saw it on TV at Audubon hospital waiting to have my gallbladder scanned. They weren't sure then what had cause it, a small plane, by the time I got home, the second plane had hit the south tower. Amy lived in DC at the time and I was frantic to reach her after the plane hit the pentagon.

Cassandra & Joesph said...

I live 70 minutes out side of NYC. I was laid off the day before, so I was able to sleep in for a change when my mother called me and said, "Hey, turn on the news. Some idiot just flew his plan into one of the twin towers." It wasn't until the second plane appeared in the corner of the screen that I said, "Hey mom, that was no accident." -CR

Anonymous said...

I guess most of us remember this from the date ! unforgettable for any human !

Queen of Fun said...

I was in Philly (just 1 1/2 hour outside of NYC) and running the children's department for our weekly Bible study. We had 150 kids and about that many mommys in study groups. We waited until the groups dismissed at 11:00 am to have the pastor tell everyone what was going on.
Many of the women had family in NYC. My girlfriend's husband was scheduled to open the NY Stock Exchange that morning. Before he rang the bell they yelled "Everyone out of here!"
Our church was crammed that night for a time of prayer. Wish we could get that urgency to pray back without such a wake up call.