Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Reveal

I was ill prepared for the rigors of shopping at IKEA, and for the assembly of the furniture.  When you get two big chairs and a huge couch and nothing is in a box deeper than 3 inches, you sort of start to get the picture.  But DH and I (mostly DH) worked like  we were on some HGTV special with a deadline to have it all ready for K’s arrival on Saturday night.  There is still a small chest that is unassembled… was assembled…….by  me……..and everything I put on, I put on backwards.  So, that will come in time.  So, here’s what we did!


It’s a very tiny room, so wedging everything in wasn’t easy! 


The couch turns into a really good size double bed with a simple lift and click, one handed.


The chair makes a very comfortable twin bed.


The beautiful sari fabric I used for the curtains just doesn’t photograph well.  They are gorgeous.

Thank you IKEA for good simple bedding options for our big family in a little house!


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Oh, Sue! The room looks spectacular! The girls will love, love it! So modern. You were able to utilize the space wonderfully with the IKEA furniture!

donna said...

It's sooo beautiful. By any chance, is the room for rent when the college kids are away at school? I'm badly in need of a get-away and this room looks perfect.