Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Colorful Candle Holders How-To

Loving these candles!

I know four precious fingerprints I’d love to have close to my heart!

I’d be hard pressed to pick the funniest in this group.

Make sure you scroll all the way down to the link for the video.  It is precious.

Wonder why I haven’t seen one of these around the Derby City in the Bluegrass State?

Maybe for our 25th anniversary DH and I will have another wedding….and we will give out these.

Love these chairs!!

Oh!  Look at what Amy has to share with us!

1 comment:

donna said...

Luv the fingerprint charms and pendants. What wonderful gifts they'd make.

I'm still having a hard time mustering up the energy to read blogs. When will this feeling go away?