Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

50/365 July 20, 2009 by a.funk.

So, check out Bench Monday and some of the very fun people who participate!

These would be fun for some little someone special! 

I love Sara’s house and her art!

If you are a beach lover, there is this…. and this

I’m seeing all kinds of pretty envelope wraps these days.  Here’s a nice printable.

Years ago I kept a good memory book.  I kept it for quite a while, filling the pages with good things that had happened that day.  I did it because I knew that I had days when I thought not one good thing ever happened for me, and I needed a written history that proved me wrong and that recounted sweet stories to me.  Here’s a chance to take a little stab at documenting good things.

Need some questions to keep the conversation going?

I loved these block puzzles as a child, and love them still- especially ones like this one!

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ArtCricket2 said...

I love printables so this was a really fun one for me. I would love a beach in my back yard. That is really tempting, but the beach in a pot is more attainable. I'm liking the block puzzle for Christmas presents!
Thanks for another very fun Wednesday.