Monday, July 20, 2009

Edit, Add, Appreciate

Edit-  The room in our house that I spend the most time in is our office/my craft room.  It is a tiny room that was painted a cheery aqua when we had the house built…..15 long years ago.  It was flat paint.  And a  15 year old paint job with flat paint has its limits on cheerfulness.  On top of my computer and shelves and a closetful of craft stuff, it is also home to the chest freezer that wouldn’t fit anywhere else, the closet that my son and husband share, my son’s drum,  and the bed and food bowls of Herbie the 17 year old pug.  Did I mention Herbie is incontinent and has no use of his back legs? The carpet in this room had become so unbearable (see above info on Herbie) that I had long ago torn it out and just lived with plywood.   Can I get a witness that this room was long long overdue for a little bit of an edit job?!!

Add-  Well, since  all those things and I share space, but since I am the only one with a preference, I decided to pick a color that makes me happy.   And so, I have a Botticelli  Pink office.  Herbie is not amused.  Adding this little touch of whimsy to a corner that is mostly mine makes me very happy.  And a beautiful wood plank floor!

Appreciate-  As mentioned before, my sweet family was generous enough to send me off to a wonderful retreat weekend while this was being done.  It’s my understanding that they worked until 5:30 this morning on it and got back up at noon to start moving furniture back in.  When I walked in the door, there were candles lit in every room, the kitchen floor had been mopped, not a dish in the sink, not a dirty sock in the laundry basket, and then the “reveal” of the room-  I feel like a queen!  I appreciate the teamwork it took my husband and girls to pull this off- from sanding and painting to sawing flooring to keeping the dogs fed and out of it all.  I appreciate their hard work, and most of all that every inch of it was a gift of love.  How rich am I?! 


donna said...

Your bag of gold is overflowing. That's how rich your are! Didn't realize the new floor was going to be a totally gorgeous wood floor. And you wear the queen's crown very well.

ArtCricket2 said...

Beautiful room for a beautiful person! I love the Botticelli pink (who wouldn't like a name like that?) The dark wood floor is fabulous!