Friday, July 10, 2009

Wednesday Link Love on Thursday, but now it’s Friday really……


Get yourself right over to Smitten Kitchen. You must! And spend long periods of time sighing over the great recipes there.

And speaking of Smitten, have a look here- yet another variation on the old photo booth theme I am clearly stuck in!

I can do this! I can do this! Even though it calls for a sewing machine and I can’t seem to get mine threaded, I could do this by hand and I want to give them a try!

I have a soft spot for little books made of all kinds of papers.

And to switch it up, what if I made something BIG and messy like these great pieces?

Yet another thing I’m sure I could make, and even have everything under roof to do so.

Now these sound easy…..but I’m pretty sure mine would not come out like these…..

And because I haven’t given you any Cake Wrecks lately, I present the 4th of July showcase…..

And if you’ve been wanting to know all there is to know about window films…..


donna said...

Nothing wrong with Wednesday Link Love on Thursday errrrr Friday. Now I'm off to Smitten Kitchen. Dang, I can't stay away from food sites.

ArtCricket2 said...

More fun things! the pizza looks great, I passed it along to my cook. I've been thinking about doing bigger art. Those big collages are really neat! I read about the window films yesterday. They look awesome. Those flowers look way hard and I KNOW mine wouldn't come out like those. I sent Amy a cakewreck link last week for a little humor, she was in the midst of interviews for a fellowship. Love Wednesday's link love no matter what day it comes!