Monday, July 13, 2009

Edit, Add, Appreciate

Edit-  Years ago when I truly kept a garden (before kids!) I marked my days by my morning weeding time.  I would touch every plant in my garden and call it by its given name.  This year, I have several plants put in so hastily and less than joyfully that I didn’t even save the stakes to know what they are.  Just as with people, learning something’s name makes them important to you.  So, if anyone can identify that little purple plant, I’d be glad to know.

Add-  If I had room, I would add huge banks of crape myrtle.  What a generous friend my crape myrtle is, showing off with beautiful color for months.  Every year I get anxious for the blooms to burst open,  and fret and think it’s late and something must be wrong, and my friend Faye reminds me each time that it’s July before we can expect blooms. 

Appreciate-  I never get over being awed and amazed that I can throw tiny seeds onto the ground, pull a little soil over them, and that beautiful things show up when I do.  I am anxiously awaiting blooms on two different Cosmos- one (the one with the more leafy foliage that has little buds showing) is Bright Lights and it is my total favorite.  On the other side I’m anticipating doubled pink blooms on the more “ferny” foliage. Grace upon grace.  That’s what I think of when I see the color of a crape myrtle or the riotous pattern of color of a coleus leaf or sunflowers growing lanky and tall.  Grace upon grace.


donna said...

Your plant with the little purple flowers is Pentas, I think. Very nice how you added the album to this post. I've been spending a lot of time talking to and touching my one lone tomato plant, but not sure it's working. When I see pictures of the crape myrtle in bloom, it makes me wonder how people can be so lucky to actually have them growing in their yards. And Shawn, sweet that he has some time to enjoy your outdoor living space. How about you? Do you ever have a minute to lounge around out there?

Sue said...

Donna- Thanks so much for giving my little plant a name! You know, I did not put that picture of Shawn in on purpose, and then can't get it out of the album. Hope he doesn't mind. That's his father's day chair that we all love. I do indeed sit in his chair at night usually after he goes to work for 15 or 20 minutes if possible. I light the citronella candles everywhere and really enjoy the time listening to the goings on around my neighborhood.

ArtCricket2 said...

The garden is gorgeous and I, too, love the little album and the way it is done a nice change from seeing all the pics. I like thinking of you taking a few quiet moments enjoying your surroundings.

Barb said...

I concur with Donna on the plant name. We have white Pentas in our front flower bed. Nice pictures...especially the one of Shawn!