Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stuff I’m loving


So, I am really loving my Women’s Success Planner.  I had heard about it over at Plannerisms.  This post sold me.    I ordered the first quarter for 2012 so I would have it on hand when the new year started.  The folks there were kind enough to send me the last quarter of 2011 at no charge with my order so I had a chance to start using the system in November.  I love it.  Got the cool leather cover for Christmas.  I’ve always been sure that the only thing standing between me and great business and personal success was finding the right planner.  No excuses now! Look out!

On the rare occasions of late that I am able to sneak in a little nap, I have been enjoying a little rainbow therapy thanks to my daughter.  I love the big brilliant rainbow that splashes across my dark room, and it makes me smile!  My son spoiled me with a box full of Lush bath treats.  There are days when the thought of a Lush bubble bar is enough to pull me out of  bed to face the day.  I’m set!  And how nice it is to know that my daughter reads my blog!   She saw this post, and ordered me a morse code necklace that says “mom”!

So far, I haven’t found a thing at Trader Joe’s that hasn’t been wonderful, but some things quickly worked their way onto my weekly list of staples.  Like Powerberries!  I’m not even much of a dark chocolate person, but I love these and I love that a small handful of them is enough to totally satisfy me. 

And then there are these soy crackers!  Love them! Have to have some at my desk at work for an attack of the munchies!

Now, if only that Cinnamon Pear Cider weren’t just a seasonal product….


Beth Akins said...

I do have planner envy and would definitely use that one if I was still doing paper. I miss it sometimes.
Don't you have the most thoughtful kids! Perfect gifts, all! I, too, am a BIG TJ fan. It was a "must stop" everywhere Amy has lived. She'll be happy not to make a trip there just for me now. Louisville is getting more and more of my "go to" places when I'm out of town. Paper Source is another, which I discovered next to the St. Matthews Pie Kitchen. Now, Anthropologie, soon too!

donna said...

How about Two-Buck Chuck from TJs? But I guess it's now Three-Buck Chuck. Powerberries are a better option, I'm sure. There will never be a Trader Joe's here so all I can do is dream.

Wonderful, thoughtful gifts from equally wonderful, thoughtful children.

Planners? Do people actually plan? Kidding.