Sunday, January 8, 2012




The first thing I saw when I opened facebook this morning was a discussion about this billboard and the Georgia campaign against childhood obesity that it came from. 

The best thing I read was this response from Brene’ Brown, and not one thing I could say would say it as well.

"Shame is often the cause and NEVER the cure. This "anti-obesity" campaign will deeply hurt children. Kids may want to be spoken to directly, but they don't want to be reduced to their greatest struggle. None of us do. Heartbreaking." - Brené Brown

I have been  filled with such sadness all day  for this little girl, and wondered what adult in her life thought it was okay to make her the poster child for childhood obesity.  

There has been a good bit of public outcry over this campaign and I hope the folks in Georgia are re-considering this strategy.  Most of all I hope for that little girl that there is someone in her life who tells her how beautiful she is, how smart and fun she is, and how dearly she is loved. 


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Beth Akins said...

This campaign is what it shameful. How sad. I'm shocked that courts are finding moving children out of a home where obesity is a problem is an option. In divorce now who will offer better nutritional oversight has played a role in which parent gets custody. That often is the one with higher income who can afford all organic, etc. It is a scary road we are traveling surrounding health and food issues.