Friday, January 27, 2012

Late Link Love


Wanna do some Guerilla Goodness?  Kindness Girl is up to her magic again!

Nella turned two!!  Yay!  Her mama writes a sweet post.

And since we’re visiting with old friends, hop over for a little tour of Andy and Alicia’s house.

Check out this twist on cake…..

And for desert?  How about a cherry coke float cupcake?

Some very fun Valentine printables to be found right here!

What do you mean, not sent from my iPhone? What other way is there?  Ohhhhhhhhhh, cool!


Beth Akins said...

Worth the wait! Love Nella's momma's post. So sweet. House in Portland. I imagine a lot of the Seattle houses I see like that. I'm passing on the sandwich cakes- but I'm not sure why. Love the card. I will make that! Printables-always fab! Have a great day!

donna said...

Love the photo. Did you take the it?

Our garbage cans are picked up and tipped mechanically. I wonder if the driver would even notice the cards.