Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Pugsley’s Mom

Today is the birthday of my friend Gayle.  These are some of the things I know about Gayle:

  • She has the tenderest of hearts. At the same time, she has a fierce love for her family, her friends, her beloved fur babies, for folks living with HIV/AIDS, and really, for anyone who cannot speak for themselves.  Do NOT mess with anyone that Gayle loves.
  • She is a proud resident of Staten Island, living a modest life in her home full of love and pets and extended family. At the same time, she has this big world of friends and friends who have become family all over the internet.  I’m proud to be included.
  • She is a poet and can bring comfort to the saddest of hearts. At the same time, I would NOT suggest you mess with her, her daughters, her dogs, her cats, her friends or really any dog. Or cat.  Or person who cannot speak for themselves. 
  • She drives a red car.  A perfect night for her might be a potluck with neighbors, a sleepover with her adult daughters, or piled up in bed listening to Dean Martin reading 3 newspapers with dogs and cats snuggled in all around her.

And we have never met.  Well, never met in person anyway.

I met Gayle on the AOL Pug Board 10 years ago when my first little pug Herbie was alive.  A finer group of folks you would never find.  And Gayle is the glue that has held us all together for many of these years.  Sadly, AOL has decided to take down all of their boards and today signals the end of an era.  Not to be dissuaded, we are piecing the old group back together on a group page on facebook.

I love any turn in life that makes friends of folks who we might never have met if not for one event or place or time.  And I love Gayle.  She’s on my list (along with Mother Theresa) of people I would most like to meet.  So grateful for all of my pug board friends, and tonight especially for Gayle!  Enjoy your day, my friend!


Anonymous said...

I'm humbled. I'm touched. To be put in the same category as Mother Teresa as someone you would like to meet is beyond my realm of thinking. Thank you seems so inadequate in letting you know how your words have made me feel.

You have made my birthday one I will never forget, even though with this one, I am ancient.

With a heart full of gratitude and love,


Anonymous said...

I hope you have many God Blessing you & giving you infinite years ofdgood Health.I just got last year a dog from Yonker Shelter .A know 25 month old Belgium Sherpard /Collie /Husky mix.I use to own horses in Arizona.Mother Teresa & God is proud of you.Your new friend Mary Bzdel Kliner.May God bring all you wished come true. Your Truely

donna said...

Happy belated birthday to your friend, Gayle. Nice to know the group can "regroup" on facebook.

Now you have me thinking about Dean Martin...always one of my favorites.