Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

I spent the first 40 years of my life dog phobic. I mean seriously phobic. Like calling in sick if a dog was in the parking lot where my car was. And then when DH and I started having a house built and I knew I was no longer living in a controlled no pets environment, I decided I didn’t want to be afraid any more and did a lot of work to move on past that. It was hard work, and it is one of my proudest achievements that I stuck it out, and how much richer I am because I did! When I was starting to feel like I was ready, I did some research on dog breeds. I remember a chart that showed various circumstances like when the doorbell rings, when it storms, when a stranger comes into the house, etc and of all breeds, Basset Hounds were flat-liners all the way across. So laid back are they, that not even the dreaded siren of a passing firetruck brought a rise out of them according to this chart. So, we paid a lot of money for a purebred Basset named Elvis……..and I was not ready. I was scared to death of that puppy after my husband left for work. Elvis ended up going to live with a friend within a few days. I’ve still remained enamored with the breed, and these pictures just cracked me up.

And speaking of dogs… is that my two seem to find the simple concept of “doing their business” outside so difficult when there are dogs clearly capable of so much more.

Made some of this one night this week and we both loved it! Yum!

I think these cupcake stands are adorable!

Another beautiful post by Kelly for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.

Having eaten just one toooooo many Cadbury eggs one year, they no longer hold the allure that they once did. But this list could threaten to win me back over.

I highly recommend you read this post by Allison about Japan and the amazing spirit of the Japanese people. Be sure to also watch the video.

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