Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

Free printable of this great permission slip found here.

I love this! Can we start a place in Louisville?

More guerilla kindness here and here!

Some very funny then and now pictures!

Sometimes I am conflicted about the whole tiny house thing and really just want a great big craft room like Amy has.

Oh my. I do love cute food!

Check out Sara’s new bedroom. I especially like her headboard.

Someone please try this and tell me if it is even remotely good.

Great quote from Suzanne.

Check out this pizza bread! And it’s from Alison’s father-in-law!

Love these little bunnies!

So much to see in this catalog!

The girls and I have made these a few times. We call them tie dyed. They turn out really cool and are easy as can be to make.


donna said...

You out did yourself with this week's links. Wish I had nothing else to do but follow up on all of the wonderful ideas.

I've already printed out several copies of the permission slip, I want to share with a few people.

Added the kindness tags to my list of things to do w/P3. You're on your own with the Polish Dill Pickle Soup. Suzanne's quote is the best. I should put that as our answering machine/voice mail message.

The best was the last link. I've printed it and will be making the rainbow cupcakes with P3 this weekend. Not crazy about eating so much food coloring, but it's not like we'll be eating all the cupcakes at one time. Or will we???


Sue said...

The cupcakes do require a tasty buttercream to overcome any food color aftertaste. It takes a good amuont of the food coloring to ge the batter deeply saturated. We use a little set of neon colors I got a while back.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Yes, you did outdo yourself! What a cool week of wonders! Love the bunny sachets. The permission slip is downloaded and getting ready to be printed out for A and R.Love the before and after pictures. A definite for next Christmas when everyone is here. I'll be choosing my pictures.
Thanks for another 1/2 hour of fabulous fun.

donna said...

P3 & I made the rainbow cupcakes last Sunday. Oh, was fun and they turned out beautifully. We frosted them with buttercream, as you suggested. We still have to make the caramel-covered marshmallows on a stick from one of your earlier posts. We can eat only so much sugar in one weekend.