Monday, March 28, 2011

Three (or 30) women

Friday night I had the nicest time sharing a meal with some of the brightest, most interesting women I know. We get together once a month for dinner and catching up. I’ve mentioned before that I try very hard to sigh and then smile as my head hits the pillow, and Friday night I fell asleep smiling at the pure joy of friendship.

My youngest daughter came home especially to support her dad at a very significant event, and on the ride there we spoke as friends, anxious that the event would be everything my husband/her dad hoped it would be. There was a moment that afternoon when our eyes met and while unspoken, we both signaled to each other that it was indeed a perfect day for him.

Today I sat in a big wonderful circle of women (and one brave man) who had come together to celebrate with two of our favorite friends as they have brought a sweet new baby into their hearts and home. All kinds of love and wisdom was flowing around that room. I can bet I’ll fall asleep again tonight smiling at the thought of it all.

Carrie Newcomer has a wonderful song called “Three Women” that has played like a soundtrack in the back of my mind today. If I were savvy enough, I’d have a link to the music here, but I’m not, so the lyrics will have to suffice. Here’s to the strength of women holding hands!

There's a light in the kitchen There's a glass on the stand Three women round the table And they're holding hands They're care taking the birthings Bringing food when they can They're easin' the leavin' And they're holding hands Love can get tangled And jumbled sometimes You can lose your way in this world You can lose your mind But there's something love In which I can depend It's the strength in women Holding hands The night can be dark So dark and wild And life burns like a diamond It's unbearably hard But it's sweeter than honey Right from the jar Your eyes have the look Of some different place You've got one foot in heaven And one still in this land So we breathe it in deep And we let it out slow We're holding you up While you're letting us go There's a free falling feeling I'm lighter than air and home burns Like a beacon in your eyes But somehow we get anchored Somehow we get by Here's to the women Who bind the wounds tight Here's to the ones Who sit talking half of the night Here's to the love And the life that they mend And here's to the strength In women holding hands And here's to the strength In women holding hands And here's to the strength In women holding hands


donna said...

On this early Monday morning, I'm easing back into reading blogs.

I didn't get the first two photos on this post. Not sure why.

Wonderful to read that DH's day was perfect. He and his associates deserve many, many more.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

So extremely happy to read that DH day was perfect! I hope they enjoy every minute in the space. So wish I'd been there to witness the joy.

What an uplifting post for the middle of my day!

Such simple joys.

Always wishing you sweet, simply joy, my friend

Dan Trabue said...

Here are three women I like.