Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

Celebration Balloon Wreath

I made one of these this week- very easy and very festive!

Wish I had seen these before Valentines Day! But maybe I will make these instead.

A little bit of quilt love here and here.

Great idea here from annalea as the guest blogger on kojodesigns.

We almost have to try this just to see how it works.

So, how much would you love to have Mary E make YOUR wedding invitaitons?!

I think I’d like one of these.  Wonder how DH would feel about it!

Now this is some candy bling!

Fun party invite!

I need this girl to come pack my purse!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I want a balloon wreath! Spring colors would be fabulous and won't a forest green, bright green and red one be fun for Christmas?
I must immediately go make plastic cup necklaces for Artfest. Fun, fun.
The circle quilt and the pieces in the embroidery hoops, along with the fun felt hanging sound like a plan for a cute nursery to me.
I love rolling clothes to pack and sometimes hang the slacks out on either side like the other option and place the rolls in the middle and the flop the pants over it. Putting stuff in the middle over the pants and then folding them over that helps prevent a big crease when you fold them in half.
Never tried 10 days worth though!