Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrating Women!

I know I’m a few minutes late, but really, what day shouldn’t we step back, take stock, and celebrate our sisters all over the world?

I hope you will take the few minutes, literally, that it will take to look into the faces of each of the women pictured. Think of all the things that she holds dear, and think of how they are likely the very same things that you hold dear. Think of her dreams- not unlike your own dreams. Think of her courage- the courage that you too could summon if you had to. Whisper a prayer for her. Think of the young girls in your life, and of ways you can love and support them as they grow into women of strength and courage. Help them find their own voices, their own power.

I’m saying a giant prayer of gratitude tonight for all of the women who have paved the way for me, for all the women who have walked this road with me, for all of the women who will share their wisdom and their faith with me in the days to come. I celebrate them all.

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