Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

Why, yes, I’d love a Fluffernutter cupcake, wouldn’t you?!

Love the pushups! Now, I need about 3 other folks to go in on the “hardware” for them as I sure don’t need 100 of them!

I love these paper flowers- made out of copy paper!

Aren’t these adorable? Each one is a work of art!

Fun idea! Mother’s Day is on the horizon.

Love this adorable little LITTLE house

I know I’m heavy on recipes this week, but I just keep finding good ones! Like this!

1 comment:

donna said...

Yikes! I MUST make one of those face pots. Too bad I'm so terrible in the craft department. I'm crazy nuts about the idea.

The orange dessert is dreamy and delish looking. Would be perfect for Easter.

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