Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Link Love


A big shout out for the folks at Magnolia Photo Booth who generously provided their booth for free for the Louisville AIDS Walk this weekend.  Head over to their spot and select the option to see the proofs.  No one needs to know how much time I have spent looking at other people’s pictures, but if you have any curiosity whatsoever, do look.  The pictures taken at Four Courts are so dear they make me want to cry.  Look at them!  And then the Pugapalooza picnic pictures! So daggone cute.  Especially after looking at the Four Courts pictures, I have thought so much about all the fun places you could take a booth and really really make memories.  Even at the AIDS walk I saw moms and kids who I know don’t have one single picture in their wallets be able to take family pictures. 

You just have to look at this adorable piece of needle work.  Be sure to click on the arrows to the right of the picture to see pictures of the whole project. 

I spend so much time looking at her recipes that I forget that the Pioneer Woman is also an amazing photographer.  I especially like it when Charlie is her subject.

I love packages in the mail.  I love cupcakes.  I love sending packages in the mail to college kids.  And I even have some of the small jars!  Gotta give this a try.

And because it’s been at least a couple of weeks since I mentioned Cake Wreck….

And this post made me laugh out loud…..

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donna said...

How I hate the thought that there are parents out there with no photos of their children in their wallets. I've heard of photo booths at wedding receptions.