Saturday, September 5, 2009

8 Things


8 Things that Sap Away My Time

1.  Uh, yeah, sort of obvious……..internet stuff.  At least my continual surfing now has some end product on Wednesday Link Love but you can’t imagine how much time I spend surfing, all of it at the cost of my bedtime.

2.  Reading recipes- They catch me every time.  From time to time someone in my house will ask for an old favorite and I’m struck with how much “testing” I do on them when they really like some old standbys more.  But wait….this could become an old standby if it’s a hit!

3.  Looking at other people’s art, handmade items, and scrapbooks- Because really, who am I kidding?  I use all my time looking and then feel I can’t measure up.  The very chair I am sitting in, swiveled 90 degrees would be facing an art project.  My supplies are plentiful and organized and calling to me.  I’d just have to turn away from the computer.

4.  Trying to figure out what to do next.  It’s the biggest curse of menopause, far greater than hot flashes, that I can no longer order my thoughts.  I can make lists, but get stymied at where to begin.

5.  Reading about other people’s spiritual practices.  See #3.

6.  facebook-  Let me say that I continue to say that it is hugely beneficial to me in helping me stay connected to the larger world.  I just have to remember that I also have friends right outside my door who I could be connecting with face to face.

7.  Laundry- but what’s the alternative?

8- Trying to keep an old white vinyl floor even halfway decent looking.  Of note, this floor is in the center of my house which is a shotgun house, so every trip to anywhere in my house involves a trip across that floor.  And I have two dogs.  And it’s so old that the protective covering of whatever it was is gone. 

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