Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 Things


8 Things that made me smile this week

1.  S told me this story when she was home last weekend.  She and some girls from the dorm had decided to go to the laundromat in town (a very small town I might add!).  While they were doing their laundry, an elderly woman came into the laundromat, gave each of the girls 3 quarters, told them to do well in school, and left.  How sweet is that?

2.  I got to meet a blogger friend in real life!  I’ve often wondered when at the Farmer’s Market if any of the pretty y0ung women there might be Allison of Field Wonderful but this week through a coincidence one of the vendors asked me how to handle a gift certificate and it was hers and there she was! 

3.  C called and we talked for a very long time.  (Ah, the happiness of cell phone family plans!)   I loved hearing every single detail about his classes, his work,  his new friends he’s hanging with, and especially that he’s dancing again. 

4.  I got a facebook message from my nephew from college.  Sounds small, but moms of boys who are off at college know that boys can be a bit frugal with their family communications, so it was quite an honor to get a message from my nephew and I’ve been so proud and excited about some student government things he has gotten involved in.

5.  I got a fire bowl!!!  I’ve wanted one a long time, and a year ago even prepared a place for one, but it just never found its way to my house.  Last week I was able to snag one on an end of season clearance.   Now I’m waiting for a cool evening to  give it a spin!

6.  I have 15o long stemmed red roses in my living room.  I picked them up today for the Louisville AIDS Walk tomorrow.  How fun to have big vats of roses in the house!

7.  I discovered hulu.  We haven’t had tv in years, but when I am away from home I dooooo love some HGTV!  So I can watch some house flipping while I’m working on my granny squares.

8.  An absolutely perfect Saturday so far.  I had to be out early this morning to run some errands and loved every minute.  I’ve enjoyed being at home- about to clean out a closet and make a pot of chili before I head to the Urban Goatwalker tonight.


donna said...

I'm luvin' the new color! But I luv 8 Things more. All those roses...smells good. Enjoy your new fire bowl. So fun to sit outside in the dark by a fire and talk.

ArtCricket2 said...

This was such a fun post! Have fun at the Goatwalker. The roses must be spectacular! And you must be a wonderful aunt to hear from your college aged nephew.

Allison said...

It was so lovely meeting you, too! Thanks for sharing all of these great stories. I especially like thinking of that little old lady doling out quarters at the laundry mat. That is so sweet!