Sunday, September 27, 2009

Edit, Add, and Appreciate


 Edit-  This is a message to everyone I have told lately of how Willow seems to be growing out of her mischievous puppyhood, how she hasn’t eaten anything inappropriate lately.  Well, I don’t guess apple cobbler in and of itself is inappropriate.  An entire cobbler though-  that’s inappropriate.  Please ignore my previous optimism.

Add-  Our friend Carla told us today of the way she and her two beautiful little Chinese daughters celebrate the Mid Autumn Moon Festival- a major Chinese holiday.   They aren’t so much on the traditional bean cakes, so they eat moon pies while looking at the moon and talking about the people they are thankful for.  I think I’ll be hunting up some moon pies this week, and hope for a clear enough night to see the moon on Friday.

Appreciate-  After 5 1/2 days of non-stop rain, the sun peeked through the clouds last night for a couple of hours.  We were ecstatic.   We hopped into the convertible and headed to a neighborhood street festival which was great fun………even when the sky began to rumble and when it began to drizzle and when we got soaked to the skin getting back to the car.    Today was beautiful and every time I stepped outside for anything I just had to exclaim how very wonderful it was to anyone who could hear me, and had heard me the last 7 times. 

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donna said...

We eat our apple cobbler (apple crisp in our case) hot out of the oven (with ice cream on top), so Willow wouldn't have a chance to devour it. Bet she had a big smile on her sweet doggie face when she was finished.

Eating moon pies while looking at the moon and talking about people we're thankful for....what a delightful thing to do with children. Wonder if I can buy moon pies up here.

Hope you have a week of sunny skies.