Sunday, September 20, 2009

8 Things


8 Things that made today’s Phoenix Hill MusicFest memorable for me

1.  The newlyweds who just moved in up the street jumping up spontaneously and dancing during the first act - and the kindness and tenderness I noticed that they extend to each other.   Sweet folks.

2.  Meeting our newest neighbors who have just moved here from Guatemala and hearing the pros and cons of this transition.

3.  The little boy who got up and danced to Billy Jean when the band was doing it.  He was a great dancer, and reminded me so much of C at that age, the point at which we knew he would be a dancer.

4.  How delighted my neighbor Carol was when she won one of the raffle prizes, especially fun for her as she couldn’t afford a ticket and has no idea who  bought one and put her name on it.

5.  Paul and Kate singing “Crossing Muddy Waters”

6.  Looking up at around dusk- the band was doing a great set and had the whole place rocking, I noticed a group of adults and kids hooping or attempting to, I saw neighbors meeting each other and having fun together, and I felt so in love with my neighborhood.

7.  Of course, Rebecca’s fire hooping which always mesmerizes a crowd.

8.  That black bean burger from Smoketown USA!


donna said...

Luved #4, someone putting Carol's name on a raffle ticket. When I hear Billy Jean, my body wants to get up and dance but my mind knows better than to make a fool of myself. Is the firehooping photo with the post from your PH MusicFest? If so....WOW! Would luv to see that in person.

ArtCricket2 said...

I'm with Donna, I love that someone got a ticket for Carol and that she won and got to know someone did! Sounds like a wonderful time.