Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These are scenes from this Sunday's youth-led worship which they did such a great job at. If you watch about five times you will finally see a brief shot of the church "sending Shameka out"- a time of special prayer for a person wh is leaving, and you can just imagine the tears that were a-flowin!


ArtCricket2 said...

this is WONDERFUL! I'm glad for the heads up on Shameka's sending out, I would have missed it the first time. What a blessing for all.
I love that youth at both our churches led worship last Sunday. We had a youth week 6:30-9:30 M-Th. They had fellowship for an hour each night with games and such, then monday night chose the theme for the week, which is always so fun for me. They throw out ideas and then we vote and get it down to about 10 and then one always rises to the surface (God works in mysterious ways) and this year it was "Name". They divided into groups and worked on message (which was a skit)songs, prayer, interactive activity, communion and offering, scripture. I never cease to be amazed how it all comes together from nothing on Monday to a complete worship service on Thursday night ready to run through. Youth are wonderful people. Thanks for the little glimpse into your youth worship.
How many more days with Shameka?

Women for Christ said...

There she is at 52 seconds!
Where is she going?
This is your mantra "closet space -- closet space...."