Saturday, August 1, 2009

8 Things



8 Things I loved to read during my childhood

1.  ANYTHING about Daniel Boone.  I think it was some kind of a latent Fess Parker/Ed Ames crush thing, but I loved that Daniel Boone!  My sister and I “played” Daniel Boone in the living room behind a chair all of the time.

2.  Baby Island is one of the first books I remember reading, and I still think of it.  Got it for the girls- and they weren’t too excited by it.  A couple of little girls get stuck on an island taking care of a bunch of babies after a shipwreck.  

3. Louisa May Alcott-  Anything of hers.  Ohhhhhh I loved her, and not just the books she wrote but anything about her.  My parents even took me to Massachusetts  to  see her home.

4.  Plain Girl-  I still have my copy of Plain Girl.  It was about an Amish girl and her brother who decided he didn’t want to live in the Amish way and her love for him.  I wanted an older brother badly after reading it.

5.  Bobbsey Twins- I am not sure if I actually liked the books so much or the acquisition of them.  I could buy them with my allowance money and I loved seeing them add up on my shelf, the whole collection.

6.  Donna Parker books-  I think an older cousin must have ushered me into this phase of growing up and liking things that hinted of romance.

7.  Grace Livingston Hill books-  My mother and Aunt Elaine had these on the shelf, and again with the romance theme! 

8.  All of those Roy Rogers Dale Evans books about tragedy- This is when I began my fascination with tragedy and crisis.

What about you?


ArtCricket2 said...

I loved the Bobbsey Twins, too. I was a BIG Nancy Drew reader. That was what I spent my allowance money on and wanted as gifts, I loved Tom Sawyer, my mother read it to me when I was sick one time.
I liked Little Women, too. But, the ones I came back to over and over were Nancy Drew. I still love a good mystery.

Suzanne said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, "Pipalotta Delecatasa Windowshade Longstocking the III Long Lost Daughter of a Canabil King" Was - is and evermore shall be my role model and hero!
PS Pipi Longstocking was her short name.

Lindalou said...

I unfortunately did not learn to love reading until adulthood. I feel so sad about that, cause I'm sure I would have loved Nancy Drew and Louisa May.