Monday, August 31, 2009

Edit, Add, Appreciate

mellow herbie

Edit- We have spent some time this week making end of life decisions for our sweet little Herbie. He has good days and bad days, and has had some bad days this week as a 17 year old fellow might. All of us have grappled with defining what his advance directive might be, and I remembered hearing a wonderful vet interviewed on NPR some months ago who gave this criteria- when your dog no longer enjoys eating, when he no longer enjoys seeing you come into a room, and when he no longer cares for a favorite toy or treat- any combination of these. I recently read The Art of Racing in the Rain which was a great book, but made me cry really hard. It has helped me try to look at life through Herbie’s eyes, especially now as he ages. So, we have a family consensus on what to watch for, and in the mean time we love the heck out of this stinky little fellow.

Add- Got to got to got to do some scrapbooking soon. Why do I keep buying paper and stickers as though I still do it on a regular basis? Why could I not wait for my office/creative space to be lovely so that I could enjoy working in here? And nothing to show for it! Must intentionally add it to my list of things to do this week.

Appreciate- Went to a deacons meeting tonight- it was to be a planning meeting and a time to assess how we are doing as deacons and what needs to be adjusted/amended. It’s our habit to begin with a time of checking in personally with each other. We never got past that. Not one thing was planned or assessed, but the true work of a deacon- of extending grace and comfort to someone at sacred moments of great joy and/or great pain- that got done, and done well. Thanks be to God for this circle of wise and tender and broken women (we do have a couple of men, but they weren’t there) who seek to love and support our church family.

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ArtCricket2 said...

I'm glad you are loving Herbie these days. Even if you aren't scrap booking, I hope you are enjoying your new space and you smile every time you pass by or go in it and I'm glad you're blessed by your circle of deacons I know you are a blessing to them.