Thursday, August 13, 2009



My daughters have been each others anchors for their whole lives.  The first 7 years of their lives were spent in the care of relatives and then in a children’s home followed by a long stretch in foster care and ending with time living with their young mother during the months before her death.    The one constant they have had in this life has been each other.

Tomorrow (well, early this morning!)  Kendra  will go off to her first day of her senior year, and we will take Shameka off to college.   This is hard for  both of them, especially Kendra, so I launched a little plan to give her something to stay busy in these last days and then to help her feel connected with Shameka.  I suggested we find 7 gifts for Kendra to send with Shameka for her to open- one for each day of her first week away.  We have had such great fun and Kendra has picked the most thoughtful gifts.     Here’s the fun part-  I suggested to Shameka that it might be fun for her to leave 7 little gifts for Kendra, one for each day of the first week for her to open!  So, I’ve been sneaking with Kendra and sneaking with Shameka.   So tonight I’ve been wrapping 14 presents and can’t wait until tomorrow for them to discover that they each have a surprise for the other! 

We’re off to Lindsey Wilson College tomorrow.   If I’m not around for a bit, it’s because I am just too too sad.   Hold us in your hearts as we all make this latest transition.  And we will take Chiayim back on Tuesday, so sadness upon sadness for these upcoming days, but grace upon grace to sustain us I’m sure.

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Queen of Fun said...

There is a book by Beth Morore called "Feathers From My Nest" It is coming your way. Read it and weep. I love the whole fam!