Monday, August 3, 2009

Edit, Add, Appreciate

Stacked Ratatouille for a Crowd

Edit-If I could change one thing about this weekend……… I wouldn’t.   It was a perfect balance of time with friends,  with my family, in my yard, in my room, in my head and heart.   We managed to make it through July having not once hit 90 degrees, a record for Louisville, and I am my best self when it’s this cool.

Add-  Well, I’d like to add two more just like it!   Oh, and I’m still so in love with my cheery pink office/craft room that I finally got out some papers and glue and did a page for Kendra’s scrapbook and boy did that feel good!  A couple of years ago I made a resolution to not buy any greeting card that year, making them all instead, and I did in fact last out the year.  A sad commentary is that now days if you aren’t on facebook, I probably don’t remember the right day for your birthday, and if you are on facebook, a post on your wall is about as good as it gets from me. I would like to add back in the habit of making some cards.  Maybe not all of them, but just some.

Appreciate-  We are in the middle  of the heydays of farmer’s markets.  Other than watermelon, I think every summer fruit or veggie is at its very best right now.  I made this stacked ratatouille last night for a party and fell in love with it.  It’s gorgeous in presentation,  easy as can be, and quite delicious.   I continue to hold the farmer’s who work so hard to bring these tasty veggies to my table in the highest of esteem. 


ArtCricket2 said...

I'm happy thinking about you in your new cheery room!Isn't it wonderful to have a nice balanced weekend? The ratatouille looks wonderful.

Anne said...

Thanks for posting this link. Your ratatouille was really wonderful!