Saturday, January 10, 2009


Last year, sparked by an idea in an Ali Edwards newsletter I decided to claim the word "Joy" as my word for 2008. I started the year out seeking and finding joy, but as the year wore on joy began to allude me, or maybe I stopped looking for it.
I had forgotten about the whole idea until last week in church when my pastor suggested a similar idea. She put the WORD out to the folks in the church on Monday morning.

"For those of you who weren't with us yesterday, I preached about words yesterday. I shared the meanings of za, qi, and xu, all great Scrabble words (Kevin seemed especially interested at that point), and told about about Welton Gaddy's book, "I Give You My Word," in which famous people share just one word. I also talked, of course, about THE Word made flesh, which is the best word ever. Quick sermon recap. Which leads me to the purpose of this email...

As we begin the New Year together, we are putting together a book of words to guide us through the year. So what we need from each of you is ONE WORD. It can be a word that you want to flesh out in your own life this year, or that you want our community to live into. It can be a word of challenge or a word of comfort. It can be a word that you want to hold on to (or to hang on to) this year. It can be a word that will guide you, pull you, push you, sustain you, whatever. It can be a word that you want to give to our community. It can be a word that you've just got to say. I gave us a little time to think about what our word would be at the end of my sermon, and I've been interested to hear from most of the people I've asked that their word came to them very easily, which I think is just so cool!

So think about what your word is, write it down with your name, and bring it next Sunday. Then the artsy fartsy ones among us will get together and make a book of all of our words."
So, I've been thinking about my word this week. I've almost
settled on mine, but am sitting with it a bit before I commit to it. Stay

What would your word be?
Also, Susan over at Making Books has an idea about a word a day project that looks pretty fun- have a look.

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